Recommendations for travellers

The public transport service in the Bucharest-Ilfov region is an open type, with free access in vehicles. To travel legally, you must have a valid travel document. You can pay for journeys on public transport vehicles in the surface network using your travel card, mobile/ smartphone free app or even bank card (depending on your preference and availability).

The tariff offer of shared surface transport in the Bucharest-Ilfov region, correlated with that of Metrorex, is in force from August 1, 2021.

Thus, the validators operating on the vehicles of all four transport operators in the metropolitan area, integrated through the Automatic Toll System (SAT – owned by STB SA) recognize all tickets and subscriptions integrated in the system, including those valid on the metro, and starting with dated February 17, 2022 and those valid for the railway, for the “Gara de Nord – Bucharest” – “Henri Coandă Airport – Otopeni” route.

Travel cards are electronic carriers on which you can load various transport tickets, depending on your options. They are of two types: the ACTIVE card and the MULTIPLE card.

The nominal ACTIV card is the most frequently used type of travel card, thanks to the possibilities of loading and reloading a diversified palette of transport titles, at favorable prices. You receive it free of charge with your first purchase, based on your identity document, only from Card Issuing and Reloading Centers in the distribution network of the operator Societatea de Transport București STB SA.

If you do not agree with the recording of your data, you can find the non-nominal version of the ACTIV card at all sales units. In this case, you can consult the tariff offer here.

At the same time, if you occasionally use the public transport service, you can opt to purchase a MULTIPLU card loaded with a limited number of trips.

The urban network includes all tram, trolleybus and bus lines (day and night), with the following line numbers:

between 1 – 56: for tram lines;

between 61 – 97: for the trolleybus lines;

100 and higher: for bus lines;

100, N1, N10 and between N101 – N122: for night bus lines.

If you choose to pay for the public transport service “per 90-minute journey”, you have at your disposal the “Electronic Wallet” transport title, i.e. a credit of a maximum of 50 lei, from which the value of the journey is withdrawn each time the card is validated. You can use this credit to pay for day and night vehicle travel.

If you prefer to use the “Monthly Pass” transport title, it gives you the possibility of making an unlimited number of journeys and transfers in the surface public transport network at any time during a calendar month.

You can also find other types of subscriptions in the tariff offer. To choose the optimal option for your journeys, please consult the list here.

Card Release and Reload Centers are sales units with online electronic equipment, offering the possibility of issuing all types of travel cards, as well as all categories of transport tickets.

Card Reload Centers are sales units where electronic equipment is offline. Here non-nominal ACTIV cards can be issued, loaded and reloaded, nominal ACTIV cards can be reloaded and MULTIPLU and STB-METROREX cards can be issued.

Ticket vending machines are online machines that allow ACTIV cards to be loaded/reloaded with any ticket at full price, and issue MULTIPLU cards and common STB-METROREX cards.

The alternative method of paying for trips is by SMS. If you opt for this payment tool, before boarding the public transport vehicle you must ensure that you have received the confirmation code and also that your phone’s battery is sufficiently charged to last until the end of the journey.

To face the challenges generated by the complexity of the public transport network, you can plan and use the InfoTB mobile application, which helps you plan the desired route and indicates, in real time, the position of the vehicles on the route, thus optimizing the time you spend travelling.

It is contraindicated to soil or damage the tram shelters or the sections of pavement on which the stations are positioned.

When crossing to/ from the tram station, it is very important to do so only through the marked places and respecting the traffic rules. The fences installed in front of the refuges offer you protection. Don’t ignore them!

Also at the crossing, it is good to bear in mind that, due to the general congested traffic, emergency vehicles (ambulances, firemen, police) and even buses often travel on the tramway.

In order to create civilized travel conditions, we recommend that you take into account several important aspects:

  • comply with current public transport regulations
  • to travel only with a valid transport title
  • to respect the work of the employees of the transport operators
  • behave appropriately so as not to disturb other passengers
  • do not soil/damage the interior or exterior of the vehicle
  • do not take different objects out of the window
  • request support by calling the number 021.112 when you encounter acts of vandalism or crimes
  • hand over the items found in the vehicle to the driver, to help those who have lost them.

Boarding the means of transport (and getting off) is done only at the stops-stations. Do not ask the driver of the vehicle to make an exception.

Do not talk to the driver of the vehicle, especially while driving.

For your safety, surveillance cameras are installed and operating in some vehicles, and their existence is appropriately marked with visible posters.

If you wish to transport pets, small pets must be carried or in appropriate cages/ bags, and large dogs must be muzzled and on a leash.

Controllers are empowered to check transport tickets and apply sanctions to those who do not pay for the journey. At a possible control, it is mandatory to respect them, whatever the situation in which you find yourself.

Students from accredited/authorized pre-university education benefit from free, under the law, public local public transport services for passengers, in the Bucharest – Ilfov region.

Pensioners with permanent residence in Bucharest benefit from free travel with all surface vehicles.