During 2022, the four companies that provided the public transport service in the Bucharest – Ilfov Region based on the contracts concluded with TPBI operated a total of 102,726,544.50 km. Bucharest Transport Company – STB SA operated 92,243,275.88 km (89.79%), Voluntary Transport Service – STV SA – 9,086,733.52 km (8.85%), SC Ecotrans STCM- 1,102,319, 44 km (1.07%), S.C. REGIO SERV TRANSPORT S.R.L. – 294,215.66 km (0.29%).
193 public transport lines operate in the Bucharest – Ilfov Region. 126 are urban lines, operated by buses, trams and trolleybuses, and 67 are regional lines, operated by buses.
The total number of tram routes is 22.
The total number of trolleybus routes is 13.
The total number of bus routes is 158, of which 69 urban daytime lines (line 100: Piața Unirii – “Henri Coandă” International Airport operates 24 hours a day), 67 regional lines, 22 night lines.
In the Bucharest – Ilfov Region there are 3,835 stops for public transport vehicles. 2,280 stations are located in Bucharest City, and 1,557 are located in Ilfov County.
1,520 public transport vehicles managed by TPBI run daily on the routes of the Bucharest – Ilfov Region, namely: 254 trams, 138 trolleybuses and 1,128 buses. Of these, 847 buses operate on urban lines, and another 281 buses on regional lines.

* The figures above regarding the means of transport can be changed daily, depending on the specific conditions regarding the state of the vehicle fleet, depending on the infrastructure situation (works, interventions, etc.), weather conditions, regulations, as well as the request for transport.